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GrabAds was launched in August 2018 as an advertising solution predominantly focused on car wraps and in-car experiences to help our driver partners earn additional income by monetizing their vehicles. Our solution has evolved significantly alongside the overall app’s evolution into a superapp – from a predominantly mobility-centric OOH offering to the primarily in-app model we have today. GrabAds offers unique advertiser benefits: high-value audiences who come to discover brands and transact, and a full-funnel marketing solution that allows brand building and closed-loop attribution performance marketing.

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Unicom Marketing stands as an award-winning event company, renowned for its innovative approach as an event organiser. Established in 2008, we identified a market need for comprehensive event solutions, from logistics to staffing. By marrying digital technology with hands-on experiences, we had showcased over 100 brands in memorable ways, not limited by location or time. Our excellence comes from having assembled a versatile team, each member possessing unique skills in areas like creativity, planning, and technology. Working hand in hand in engaging people, creating experiences and activating brands.

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MassiveMusic delivers everything a brand needs in the field of music, voice and sound. The agency creates impactful strategies, sonic brand identities and best-in-class music for advertising – along with so much more – thanks to its fervent passion for music combined with craftsmanship and scientific research. Our ultimate goal? To make the world sound better, while helping brands and agencies be more effective through the emotional power of sound.